Airdrop Campaign

Airdrop Campaign

Airdrop Start Date: January 26, 2021

Airdrop End Date: March 06, 2021 or when reaching the cap, whichever comes first

Distribution date: After April 15, 2021

My Lotto Coin is giving away a total of $200,000 worth of MYL tokens to early community members and backers participating either in Bounty Airdrop Campaign or Backers Airdrop Campaign.

Bounty Airdrop (MYL25 ~ $15):

Participants will receive MYL25 (~ $15) and referrers will also get MYL5 (~ $3) for each referral who complete the tasks. To be eligible, participants need to complete simple social tasks and submit their details to airdrop bot.

To participate in bounty airdrop, start chatting with My Lotto Coin Airdrop bot ( on Telegram.

Influencers Bounty Reward:

Besides Bounty airdrop, three (3) users who will have an active and influential participation in growing our community and introducing the project will be rewarded with a total of $5,000 worth of MYL tokens.

Backers Airdrop (MYL1,000 ~ $600 and more!):

The first lottery game is developed and completed which was fully funded by the project team without any external investment or fundraising campaign. Now is the time for project backers to play and experience the most wished decentralized features in a single platform not only stand a chance to win lottery but also to meet the eligibility criteria for quarterly reward distribution by holding minimum MYL100 and receiving ETH passively (read whitepaper for more details).

Players will receive MYL100 (~ $60) for each ticket purchased in MyLottoCoin official website. Players can add up to 10 tickets per entry and receive MYL1,000 (~ $600) and this can be repeated with no limitation during the campaign.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Visit MyLottoCoin official website from a desktop computer.

2. Pick your lucky numbers, connect your MetaMask wallet and purchase the ticket with no sign-up and no prior deposit!

3. We capture all transaction hashes and airdrop MYL tokens to your ETH wallet address that the payment is made to purchase the tickets.

4. Hodl your MYL tokens and get automatically eligible for reward program. MYL token holders (MYL100 and above) receive 10% of total ticket sales in ETH in proportion to the number of tokens in circulation, autonomously every 3 months and irrespective of playing games.


To manage MYL assets, players need to add MYL token contract address as a custom token in their Ethereum-based ERC-20 compatible wallet. MYL token contract address is: 0xc110e8d4d7f4a319a1a8f16ca94b3afde7665595