Token Pre-Sale Update

Token Pre-Sale Update

***Update February 28, 2021***

After many consideration, we’ve decided to extend the pre-sale campaign and here’s the reason:

1. Marketing is taking more time for the current stage of the project.

While we focus on the fundamentals of business and development, we do the marketing through various channels too. We anticipated marketing would be an easy thing to accomplish, and miscalculated just how long it takes to reach out to journalists and influencers, have conversations, spark interest, and get the word out. Thus, we feel that we can do a better job in this regard and should spend more time on the marketing strategy.

2. We noticed we need to invest more time in our community.

A good crypto project has a strong community. Our initial thoughts were that our airdrop campaign would level up interest in our social communities. However, the complexity of our project demands more time to be given to the community to digest and get familiar with all the corners of our project.

Meanwhile, we had faced some technical challenges due to the new update to MetaMask, and we had to upgrade our platform to adapt with this update from MetaMask, so we simply needed more time to implement changes into our website and platform. This took some time off from the original pre-sale period.

Thus, the pre-sale is extended! This means that the 50% discount is still available. The presale will be extended at least for another month.